To file a police report of incident that has already occurred prior to the date you make the report, call the Sheriff’s Office at 912-564-2013 and ask to speak with a Deputy to make a report or come to the Sheriff’s Office to make that report. To make an accident report call 911 if there are injuries or road blockage, otherwise call the Sheriff’s Office.

First fill out an application with the Probate Court. The Probate Court will then send you to the Sheriff’s Office to be fingerprinted. Probate Court will then receive the information obtained from your fingerprints and issue you a license. The Probate Office will then call you when your license has been approved. The same procedure is done for Renewing you Gun Permit.

A ticket issued to you by the Sheriff’s Office or the Georgia State Patrol is to be paid at the Clerk of Courts Office located inside the Courthouse.

Yes, tickets can be paid online. They must be paid to the agency who wrote the ticket.

Hiltonia PD-
Newington PD-
Oliver PD-
Rocky Ford PD-
Screven County Sheriff's Office-

You must call the Clerk of Courts to obtain your court date. If the court date you are requesting is about a citation that you received, the court date is listed at the bottom of your citation. The Clerk of Courts office can be reached at 912-564-2614.

The process to Evict someone from your property begins with the Magistrate Court. The Magistrate Office is located inside the Courthouse or you can reach them at 912-564-7375.

If you live outside the jurisdiction of the City of Sylvania, you must call Georgia Forestry to obtain a burn permit. Georgia Forestry can be contacted at 912-564-7726. To obtain a burn permit within the City of Sylvania Limits call the Sylvania Fire Department at 912-564-2055.

Due to COVID19 the visitation schedule has been changed at the Screven County Jail. Inmates are only allowed three visitors, if an inmate has not put you on their list, you will not be allowed to see that inmate. If you are on an inmate’s visitation list you must bring a photo ID with you, the photo ID must be shown each time you visit that inmate, in order to be allowed to see that inmate. Visitation is limited to 15 minutes per inmate.
If you wish to put money on an inmate’s book, you can either mail a Money Order to the Screven County Sheriff’s Office 202 Rocky Ford Road, Sylvania, GA 30467. The Money Order must be made out to SCSO. In the lower left corner of the Money Order be sure to put the inmate’s name. Money Orders may also be dropped off at the window in the Lobby of the Sheriff’s Office.

The Bonding Companies that service the Screven County Jail are listed below. A $12.00 filing fee and a $20.00 bond fee is required, both to be paid by Money Orders. If you use your property to secure a bond, the property must be free and clear of all liens, and all taxes paid. The property bond must be approved by the Sheriff. The property must be valued at twice the amount of the bond. If the bond is over the about of $10,000.00 a title search much be done on that property.

  • A Brighter Day Bonding Co. 912-346-6768 or 866-701-2245
  • Akins & Saseen Bonding Co. 912-764-6666
  • All American Bonding Co. 912-681-2245
  • Easy In Easy Out Bail Bonds 912-557-7755
  • Nunnally’s Bail Bonding 706-551-1783 or 912-425-7824

Cash Bonds for the City of Sylvania Police Department must be paid at the City Police Department at 216 Mims Road, Sylvania, GA 30467