The Sheriff's Office of Screven County is operated under Sheriff Mike Kile. Elected in 1992, Sheriff Kile utilizes over 38 years of law enforcement experience and countless hours of training to bring the citizens of Screven County the most professional and effective law enforcement and detention services possible.

There are three administrative assistants within the jail.  The Jail Administrator is responsible for all things relating to the Jail.  (Maintenance, Supplies, Personnel, Inmate Care).  There is the Warrant and Civil Division that also handles the accounts for the Sheriff’s Office. Every warrant brought to the Sheriff's office is carefully documented and logged, then sent to the Uniform Patrol Division to be served.  All civil papers, including garnishments, child support orders, and lawsuits are logged and passed on to the Uniform Patrol division to be served.  There is the Evidence Custodian that handles all Evidence brought into the Sheriff’s Office, and also handles Managing all Grants that are awarded to the Sheriff’s Office.  And there is the Records Administrator that also handles Sex Offender Registry for the Sheriff’s Office.  Each Administrative Assistant helps the others to keep track of all that makes this a working facility that protects our citizens.