School Resource Officers

The Sheriff's Office has teamed up with the Screven Board of Education to place two deputies in our local schools. The School Resource Officers are assigned solely to the students of our school system, and they take part in a variety of activities.

Surprisingly, only 5-10% of what is done is actual law enforcement. The remaining time is spent attacking crime at its most vulnerable: before it starts. The deputies spend the majority of their time on crisis-prevention and mediation, keeping kids who might be susceptible to criminal behavior from developing into adult offenders. SRO’s teach classes ranging from drug-use prevention to resisting peer pressure and developing good self-esteem. The SRO's also make their presence felt at extra-curricular functions, where they provide security and child fingerprinting services. The SRO program has been hugely successful in other parts of the US and the Sheriff's Office is proud that our school system here can experience the same benefits.